How To Fund Poloniex Account

How To Fund Poloniex Account

How do I make a deposit on Poloniex using a ethereum or any other currency. I’ll show you how to do that right now. What are the first things I recommend just to make sure you don’t deposit something that’s not getting traded his to hit hide Dlisted! When you are learning how to fund your Poloniex Account you don’t even want to consider, in my opinion, putting something on Polonius that’s no longer being traded.

Therefore it’ll remove a lot of these other ones and simplify, then what you need to do is make sure you pick exactly the right cryptocurrency if you click the wrong one you could get the wrong address and mess things up. I want to deposit etherium because in my coinbase account I have etherium to spend. I go over here and select on coinbase ethereum wallet and I hit use max over here I’ll send all my etherium.

Now what I need out of PolonieX is an address so I go over to etherium it has a deposit button over here I scroll over find it this deposit button that’s right under my face. I can scroll up and show it over here I hit the deposit buttons and it gives me a warning that says got it show me the deposit address I click deposit address now gives me this long etherium address here I click here and note it says the minimum amount for the deposit is one aetherium always read these little warnings if you send to have to throw him it might be pretty disappointing you don’t get to use it so I go over here and then paste this address into my aetherium send option in coinbase I double checked over here to make sure the first 04 e and it looks like it’s good to go now I put over here Poloniex deposit and that way I’ve got for my account record-keeping so I can see exactly where this went.

So now I’ve got the 12.33 etherium ready to send I hit send funds and coinbase will give me a confirmation and then when I do I hit confirm down here and now the send is complete in order for this to be credited often will take 30 minutes or so and then once it’s done it’ll be available in the history so I can go over here I can see my deposit history why put in dash from several different addresses on previous deposit that I’ve sold and once the deposit then it’ll show it should be available.

I recommend don’t obsess over when your deposit is coming in just send it and trust that in 30 minutes or an hour usually it should be available. I sent this an etherium because at least for me if there has been consistently reliable and quick to make deposits on Colonial and I also sent I sent my Bitcoin over to bitfinex is that way I’ve got them each in different networks both of them should be credited and I can show you both examples so I appreciate you watching this I’ll follow up with you on what it looks like have the Finish deposit once it’s actually in there

Please be sure to tune in and watch my other videos where I will show you live my exact strategies and we will also cover the top cryptocurrency exchanges, and top altcoins to buy.


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